Joseph H. Krall

{Sr. Software Engineer at GE Oil & Gas. Ph.D. in Computer Science from West Virginia University.}


Currently employed as a Sr. Software Engineer at GE Oil & Gas (March 8, 2017).

I have no specialty: I'm capable in all aspects of software engineering. My favorite languages are Python and Java. I dabble in Data Science, both supervised and unsupervised. I was formerly a Chief Data Scientist and Sr. Software Engineer with LoadIQ, a startup in the field of granular energy management services. I have some professional experience in work with NASA. My Ph.D. Thesis was in the field of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEAs).


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(702) - 539 - 2238


Life is good

and excellent

Skills & Programming Languages:

Java, C/C++/C#, Python, Django, NetworkX, Graph Theory, Optimization, Clustering, Automated Processing, Documentation, Flow Chart Design, Lua, ActionScript, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, SQL, ColdFusion, Inform, Ruby, Perl, Weka, .NET, Microsoft Office, OpenGL, Ada95, Windows, Linux, Apple, Mac, LaTeX, AWS, XML, Objective-C, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, MySQL, Oracle, and more

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